Game Theory and Rationality

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1. News

Update January 29

Solutions to the re-exam 26 January are posted below.

Update December 18

The re-exam is corrected and solutions are posted below.

Update December 12

Three PDF documents with lecture notes and an essay related to yesterday's guest lecture by Rasmus Einarsson are now available in the Dropbox folder.

Please note that all project presentations take place after lunch tomorrow, as noted in the updated lecture plan which we posted last week:

Wednesday 13 December 13:15–15:00
Preliminary project results presentations
• Groups 4, 5, 7, 9: Room FL51
• Groups 6, 8, 10: Room FL63

Update December 4

Times and places for project presentations are now fixed. See the updated lecture plan.

Update December 1

Reading materials for the last two seminars from Group 9 and Group 10 are now available in the Dropbox. Thanks to all groups for submitting their materials on time!

Update November 29

The re-exam is now scheduled in room SBM500, 13 December 2017, at 15.15-17.00. If you want to take the re-exam, please send an email to Rasmus no later than December 6 at 18.00.

Reading guide and literature for the seminar of Group 7 is now available in the Dropbox folder.

Update November 28

Group 8 have submitted their reading guide for their seminar on Monday 4 December. It's now available in the Dropbox folder.

Update November 24

Reading guides and literature for the three first seminars are posted in the Dropbox folder. Thanks to everyone involved for submitting your work on time.

Update November 22

As previously noted in an email, the seminars on Monday November 27th are canceled. The first seminars will be given on Wednesday November 29th:

  • 10.00-10.45: no seminar
  • 11.00-11.45: Group 4
  • 13.15-14.00: Group 5
  • 14.15-15.00: Group 6

Update November 20

Solutions to today's midterm exam are posted below (just below the link to the exam instructions). Individual results will be emailed to you today.

Update November 13

Slides from the guest lecture by Vilhelm Verendel are now available in the Dropbox.

Update November 8

Two papers on some evolutionary game-theoretic models are now available in the DropBox. And the Mathematica code for the model discussed today is available for download.

Update November 6

Assignment 2 and the midterm exam instructions are posted.

Update October 30

Kristian's Mathematica implementation of the Schelling segregation model is available for download.

Update October 29

Welcome to the course 2017! We will start with an introductory lecture on Monday, Oct. 30, in FL51.

The schedule with lecture rooms is available in TimeEdit.

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Kristian Lindgren

Kristian Lindgren is professor in complex systems. He has a background in engineering physics, but since his graduate studies in the 1980's he has been working with complex systems in a variety of different disciplines. Some main areas are (i) information theory for complex and self-organizing systems, (ii) game theory for evolutionary systems, and (iii) agent-based modeling of economic systems. Since the mid 1990's Lindgren has also been working in the area of energy systems with development of models of regional and global energy systems in a climate change perspective.

Lindgren is Director of the Graduate school (PhD) for Complex Systems at Chalmers, and he is teacher and examiner in the International Masters Programme in Complex Adaptive Systems.