Per Ringqvist, class of 2009 - Findability consultant

I implement and develop search solutions. Simply stated, it is similar to "small scale google solutions", but targeted mostly at companies internal information, but also e-commerce etc.

In my role as "Findability consultant", at Findwise, I want to work on all perspectives: What business value does this information bring to the customer? How should it be presented in the most relevant way to the user? What technical components are best suited to solve the problem?


Technically the work involves configuring and deploying search engines as well as configuring and developing our own components (search service abstraction layers, document processing frameworks, search-statistics tools, etc).  We work with search platforms such as Apache Solr, FAST ESP, Google (GSA) among others. Our internal applications are built on Java (Spring, Hibernate etc).

In conclusion it is more of "hands-on", "getting things working" than applying theories I learned in CAS although the practical programming training I got through CAS has been useful as well as the capability to tackle new challenges.