The StudyCAS web page was first created in 2010, by CAS students (Erik Sterner, Petter Törnberg, Eskil Varenius, Viktor Jonsson, Niklas Schräder and Fadi Bitar). Today, a majority of the students that participated in creating it have become PhD candidates (the direction of the causation behind this correlation is shrouded in mystery). This (and an accepted application for funds to the Physics department) has allowed Erik and Petter to continue working with the website, in 2013 giving it a major overhaul and subsequent relaunch. As part of this, we're looking to engage new students from the CAS program, to allow the website to continue to be maintained and run by students since that is what it is and should be: a page about the program for students, by students (of course with help from the teachers=). 

And now we have found three new student webpage masters:

Karl Nyman, Max Unfried and Henrik Svensson have since they started the program Autumn 2013 shown an interest in communicating about the program and as the "student webpage masters" we believe they will get a great opportunity to do so!


(From left: Erik, Karl, Max, Petter and Henrik) 


The first version of the webpage was based on Drupal but for the second version we have migrated to Joomla!


A team effort has always been a team effort and all release candidates, beta versions and existing old versions have been evaluated by the programs current students and teachers. Some of them have wished to evaluate the page anonymously, but some have given us their names: 

List of students whom have contributed through evaluation forms:

Students 2013

Sina Torabi

Johan Florbäck 

Carl Retzner

Henrik Svensson

Edward Pitt

Angelica Andersson

Evelina Frischenfeldt Bååth

Mariia Koroliuk 

Anna Keuchenius

Joakim Strandberg

Sven Eriksson

Cecilia Kjellman

Frida Alsterlund

Cecilia Hult

Helena Jakobsson Larsson

Annie Westerlund

Karl Nyman

Torbjörn Rathsman


Students 2010

Guowei He

Staffan Ankardal

Anton Johansson

Magnus Wahlstrand

Petter Törnberg

Oskar Landgren

Eskil Varenius

Magnus Sandén

Daniel Gleeson

Per Ringqvist

Julio César

Fadi Bitar

Olov Mattsson

Viktor Jonsson

Erik Sterner

Niklas Schräder