Edu Sesma Caselles - 1st year of Masters in Complex Adaptive Systems - 2015 Featured

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What is your educational background?

I have a two years Associate Degree in Sound and later I studied a four years Bachelors Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Zaragoza in Spain, where I was born.

What made you apply to Chalmers?

Chalmers was one of my best Erasmus options. I came here to do my last courses in Telecommunication Engineering because I had heard good opinions from exchange students who I knew, and also my Erasmus coordinator in Spain recommended to me this university and several concrete courses.

Why did you choose CAS in particular?

During my bachelor, I was always more interested in signals and processing than antennas or microwaves. Then, I took my elective courses focusing on adaptive systems, artificial neural networks, etc...and I realized that this "new world" was what I was really looking for. After taking several courses from CAS in my Erasmus and see that this masters programme is not common in other universities, together with I really like the Chalmers atmosphere, I decided to apply for CAS and extend my time here in Göteborg.

How satisfied are you so far with the program?

I am glad to be in CAS. I am doing what I wanted to do. We have theory lectures, but (in general) focus on practical applications and homeworks where you are able to understand in a better way that theory. This program also gives you the opportunity to take different elective courses and take different paths.

Could you please name the elective courses you have taken already and are planning to take?

Sure, I did "Humanoid Robotics" in my Erasmus last year, I am doing "Algorithms for Machine Learning and Inference", "Autonomous Agents" and "Artificial Intelligence", and next year I will see, because I am discovering new things every day. Although, I wanted to take at least one course in Image Processing, Image Analysis or similar. "Game Theory" seems to be a good option or something about Big Data could be nice as well. As you can see, we have a lot of different options and several courses look very interesting. The problem now, is think about which of these courses are better for the "path" that I am taking.

In what way do you believe the CAS program is likely to boost your future career or personal development? 

Well, this is a multidisciplinary masters programme, then there are different open doors. Currently, I am not only focusing on telecommunication matters and that is the main "boost" that I can feel, since this new knowledge can be applied in different ways to different subjects, therefore my personal development increases in the same way and I feel that my field of study is expanding. Regarding my future career, I think CAS is really good focusing on research and maybe a little bit more complicated in order to get a specific job, but that is only my opinion...I am sure another classmate could have another totally different. The point here is that I am studying what I really want to study and in good condition. Anyways, at Chalmers, it seems that you have a lot of opportunities after your studies.

Is it hard for you studying CAS coming from telecommunications?

In my bachelor, you study main physics as the rest of the engineering bachelors during first courses and after that it is focused on electromagnetic waves, fields and these matters. Then, since CAS belongs to Physics Department, I can feel that I need more time to understand some parts of physics which are new for me. That is the only thing, but if you work on it, it does not have to be a very big deal. On the other hand, in mathematics and programming, my background is totally enough.

Any suggestions or recommendations for students considering coming to Sweden?

Sweden is amazing, nature is in every place around you. If you do not like the prolonged darkness in winter and raining, then Swedish weather is not the best for you, but ultimately it does not matter... you will find another things which pay off. By the way, it is not as cold as you think... usually I feel it colder in my home city in Spain!

How do it find it in Sweden?

I am good here. I think you can take the best things of this culture very fast. They are thinking every time in sustainability, what is one of my headaches in this moment when we are killing our planet. That is one of the important points and why I feel I am doing good the things here. Göteborg has a similar structure, dimensions and population than my home city, therefore that made easier to find my place here. Actually, I have expended my life studying, playing music and doing fencing, and I am in "GFK", a nice fencing club here and the "Chalmers Rock Club" has a rehearsal room where you can play music, therefore everything is going on!

Chalmers provides us a lot of entertainment and there are a lot of student associations and committees where you can make friends or spend your time doing nice activities. I really like this atmosphere, so I have wanted to take part on it and I am collaborating to make a new student board ("The Master Unit", which is taking care of the masters performance and its welfare), as CAS Masters Representative.

Which universities did you choose to study at and why did you choose them?

To be franc, I only applied for Chalmers once I was here in my Erasmus. But it is also true, that I had heard good things about Lund University, where some classmates did their Erasmus, but in my year there was not that option. Also, Brno in Czech Republic was an option because some teachers talked me about the processing signals department there and the location in Central Europe was really good in order to know another countries.

Finally, fate brought me to Chalmers and it introduced me to complex systems, thing that probably I had not found outside those elective courses from CAS during my Erasmus.

Would you like add additional comments to students considering CAS Master?

Probably it is not the easiest one, but if it is what are you looking not hesitate to do it. It is really hard to make a bad choice inside this programme because you can choose your own field inside complex systems. Then, take a look, make your "path" and follow it..if you think it is good, it will be good.

Which country are you from?

Spain...and inside Spain, from Zaragoza, Aragón. I really like to advertise about it, because I prefer places, family and friends, instead of countries and colors. :)

Why did you choose Sweden and Gothenburg in particular?

There is only one CAS masters programme... and it is here!