Humanoid Robotics

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In this course, we study humanoid robots, i.e. robots that have an approximately human-like shape. Such robots form an important special case of the autonomous robots studied in the course Autonomous agents. For example, unlike wheeled robots, a walking humanoid robot is (in principle) able to climb stairs and is also, in general, better adapted (than a wheeled robot) to environments designed for people.

The course begins with two weeks of lectures, during which the theoretical foundations of humanoid robots are explored. The remaining part of the course consists of lab work, during which several different humanoid robots are used for solving a variety of tasks, focusing on human-robot interaction.

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Krister Wolff

Senior lecturer

Krister Wolff is doing research within bio-inspired computational methods for optimization in connection with autonomous robots and intelligent vehicle technologies, e.g. development of active safety systems for vehicles and driver modeling.

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