As for any master's program, the last six months is dedicated to the master's thesis (30 hp) but there is also an opportunity to do a full year master thesis (60 hp). The thesis project can be performed either in academia or in industry.

Read More: Brief information about the master thesis from the MPA

For a description of all the prerequisites for a master thesis see the official chalmers page

List of Ongoing Masters thesis projects - 2016.


Candidate Date Topic
Marcus Birgersson January end 2016 Automating a data integration process using machine learning techniques
Niclas Stahl Mid February 2016 Computational biology : Diffusion and genetic drift in population
Fredrik Hoxell April 2016 Predictive speed control of heavy-duty vehicles based on MPC, adaptive algorithms and road topography data


In order to give you a feeling for the kind of topics covered by earlier students we have gathered a list of the titles for master thesis projects performed by previous CAS students (these are only some examples).  

Thesis for the degree of Master of Science in Complex Adaptive Systems

  • Development of a mobile phone application for home automation
  • Identifying apartment buildings with potential heating issues
  • Internal Evolution for Agent Cognition - Agent-Based Modelling of an Artificial Stock Market
  • A Complex Systems Approach to Human Cultural Evolution
  • Evaluation of post-processing strategies for simultaneous pattern recognition based myoelectric prosthetic control
  • Community Systems Modeling: From Complexity to Optimality
  • Evaluation of Neutron Tracker Algorithms for Land and Neuland
  • Vehicle modelling and washout filter tuning for the Chalmers Vehicle Simulator
  • The performance of macro cellular networks operating in American TV white space
  • A conceptual model for energy, trade and economy
  • Reproducing the stylized facts of financial returns. An investigation of the parameter space of a stochastic discrete-time model
  • Positioning systems for scale model cars - A survey of available systems and an application with Qualisys Track Manager
  • An Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Solver on the GPU Using CUDA
  • Trade-offs between Black Carbon and CO2
  • Adaptive Bounding Volume Hierarchies For Deformable Surface Models
  • Fruit Recognition by Hierarchical Temporal Memory
  • Evolution towards optimality in Urdar - an artificial ecosystem
  • Using Complexity Theory Methods for Sociological Theory Development
  • Numerical simulations of generic train in crosswind using AVL Fire
  • Detecting falls and poses in image silhouettes
  • Monte Carlo Simulation of Runaway Electrons
  • A new generation humanoid robot platform
  • Finding Predictive Patterns in Historical Stock Data Using Self-Organizing Maps and Particle Swarm Optimization
  • A probabilistic model for genetic regulation of metabolic networks
  • Methods for Anonymizing Patterns of Human Mobility
  • Forward filtering and backward smoothing for radar applications
  • Assessing the Potential for Directing Electrification Towards Productive Use in Rural Mozambique

If you want to find the latest master theses in full text, see the library database.