The width of the CAS program can sometimes make it seem unclear what job you can expect to get after finishing the program. You achieve in-depth knowledge in a wide range of topics, including physics, mathematics, robotics and programming, as well as important general skills such as problem solving, data analysis and system thinking - but there is no single occupation for engineers in complex systems. We have therefore gathered information on where our alumni have ended up, and also talked to a few of them, to get their personal stories.


 Jobs in the industry

Many work with information technology or computer software, perhaps mainly with software development. These are often employed as project managers, chief technical officers (CTO) or developers. The development positions seem to often be directed more toward senior development and problem solving, often related to. data analysis, rather than more low-level ordinary programming duties. Many work specifically in complex data analysis, e.g. with big data (e.g. automatic processing of social media flows), stock markets dynamics or similar. Another theme is planning and optimization of complex systems such as transportation and freight solutions. Robotics research and computer game programming also figure among the alumni. Some of the alumni have started their own companies.

Geographically, the alumni are spread rather evenly in the world. Germany, United Kingdom, USA and France are common international locations. But many students also stay in Sweden, including many of the international students - whether from inside or outside Europe - have managed to find Swedish jobs.

The following map shows where our alumni has ended up, thereby illustrating the international possibilities that the CAS program opens up.

 Jobs in Academia

 Many of the alumni have also ended up as researchers in academia (about a third). Here, complex systems exists as a large and growing research field, with an interdisciplinary perspective but with application on a range of different disciplines. But former CAS students also end up in a variety of different disciplines. 


Alumni from LinkedIn (as of Nov 2013)

Name Field Title Workplace Location

Armando R.


Head of Dexterous Manipulation

Shadow Robot Company

London, United Kingdom

Avinash G.

Management Consulting

Project Manager

Porsche Consulting GmbH

Stuttgart Area, Germany

Constantine K.

Computer Software



Lyon Area, France

David F.

Information Technology and Services

Chief Technology Officer

Aitellu AB


Defne A.


Business Applications Specialist


Ankara, Turkey

Erik A.

Marketing and Advertising

Technical Director


Gothenburg, Sweden

Erik N.


Manager Merchant Integration

eBay Inc

Uppsala, Sweden

Fadi B.


Modelling and Analysis Consultant


Stockholm, Sweden

Felix K.

Computer Hardware

Senior MTS Software Development Engineer


Toronto, Canada

Fredrik S.

Information Technology and Services


i4sense AB

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gauthier Ö.


Software Developer

Bellman & Symfon

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gustav M.


Systems Engineer and Project Coordinator

Volvo Technology Corporation

Gothenburg, Sweden

Hans S.

Capital Markets

Quantitative Developer

Norden Menger

London, United Kingdom

Jakob R.

Computer Software

IT Consultant

DICE (EA Digital Illusions CE AB)

Stockholm, Sweden

Jens P. S.

Information Technology and Services

Chief Technology Officer

ATC Industrial Group

Stockholm, Sweden

Jeremy L.

Computer Software

Ingénieur Recherche et Développement

Dassault Systemes

Paris, France

Johan S.

Information Technology and Services

Senior Solutions Architect


Greater Seattle Area

Jonatan K.


Data Scientist

Recorded Future

Gothenburg, Sweden

Jonathan K.

Computer Software

Senior Software Engineer


Greater Boston Area

Martin N.

Computer Software

Software Engineer


Gothenburg, Sweden

Moa B.



WSP Analysis & Strategy

Gothenburg, Sweden

Niklas S.

Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Simulation Engineer


Gothenburg, Sweden

Nils S.

Information Technology and Services

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Gothenburg, Sweden

Olivier B.

Information Technology and Services

Business Intelligence Consultant


Nantes Area, France

Olov M.




Gothenburg, Sweden

Per R.

Information Technology and Services

Findability Consultant


Gothenburg, Sweden

Per S.

Hospital & Health Care

Business Developer

Karolinska University Hospital

Stockholm, Sweden

Tobias P.

Computer Software

Director of Agent Computing


Auckland, New Zealand

Tom B.


Technical Analyst


Stockholm, Sweden

Viktor G.

Computer Software

Systems developer

Saab AB

Linköping, Sweden

Viktor K.

Defense & Space

Matlab Ninja

Saab Electronic Defense Systems

Gothenburg, Sweden