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Brief information about the master thesis from the MPA

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Brief information about the master thesis from the MPA: 
  • To find a project: talk to teachers, look for posters, search the web. 
  • The project should be CAS (or physics) related, interpreted in a wide sense. The most important thing is that it has a solid scientific or engineering perspective. 
  • You need an examiner at Chalmers (or GU). (GU students need a GU examiner.) 
  • You need a supervisor at Chalmers/GU or elsewhere, such as in a company. (Examiner and supervisor may be the same person for a local Chalmers project.)
  • Typically the project should be registered at the department where the examiner is active. 
  • Before you start, you need to have the registration form signed by me (MPA), and the examiner. There should be a short project plan which is what I need to see to approve it as a CAS thesis. 
  • And don’t forget to fill in the work card (applies to Chalmers students) once you start on the project. This implies attending two other thesis presentations, as well as being and having an opponent. 
  • More information is found at the studentportal Examensarbete
  • If you plan to do a thesis at another department (i.e. not Physics/Applied Physics) local rules may apply. (This is the case for Computer Science/D&IT)

If you have questions or need help, you very welcome to come and see me. /Mats
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