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Autonomous vehicles

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Autonomous vehicles

My current research is, to a great extent, centered on autonomous vehicles. This topic involves many challenges, not only the actual path planning and navigation, but also issues related to safety, fuel consumption, efficiency, cooperation between vehicles etc.

In particular, in one of my projects, I'm working on an algorithm for optimizing the movements of a set of dumpers in a mine, such that they will be able to transport material within the mine with optimal efficiency and with complete safety, i.e. without any collisions or incidents. This is a highly dynamic optimization problem since, for example, vehicles can be added to (or removed from) the fleet at any time. Moreover, vehicles can of course also break down or be required to execute an emergency stop, and such events may influence the entire fleet.

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Mattias Wahde

Professor Mattias Wahde is researcher and teacher within the research group Adaptive Systems.The ultimate aim of his research is to generate autonomous robots capable of carrying out a variety of relevant tasks, particularly dangerous or tedious tasks which are presently carried out by people. His research is focused on generating robotic brains (control systems) rather than hardware (robots). In particular, he is developing a method (the utility function method) for behavioral selection. This method, as well as his research in general, is based on biologically inspired computation methods, particularly evolutionary algorithms (EAs).

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